Can I talk???

Austin Vicky took this picture

Someone asked me if I could talk about Austin for about 30 minutes…. I giggled and said “of course I can talk about Austin… I can talk about just anything for 30 minutes” the question is would anyone listen. Most of the time if I am talking no one can get a word in edgewise. My love of reading has become a love of writing…. Which I think goes hand in hand with speaking.  

When I first moved to Austin in 1997, I moved here kicking and screaming. I am a big city girl, born in Brooklyn, I have lived in places like Dallas, Houston and Mexico City. Austin was a small town when at that time you could cross the city in 15-20 minutes in your car. There was no Neiman Marcus, and hardly a mall, well if you could call Highland Mall a shopping mall. And what the heck was a Mopac? Mainly a college town it sure has changed since 1997. 

And then just like that, in one week I fell in love…status quo… I am a passionate person so I always do things 150%! Bam just like that I fell in love with this amazing city I love to call the Oasis of Texas. I have seen it change and grow, some good some bad and yet even when I am wondering why the freeway is packed at 1:00 in the afternoon I am still happy I live in the most wonderful city in the US. 

There isn’t a weekend that can’t be spent at a festival, or just enjoying our beautiful hill country, lakes, and rivers. Amazing restaurants, and of course live music, which is what we are known for. I have since long forgotten the passion I held for my hometown where I actually grew and wondered how did I not want to live here in Austin. I pride myself in holding fast to Keeping Austin Weird, thank you for reading and listening and I hope to see you “About Town.” 

So here we are at another growth phase of our venture “Chica About Town’s podcast”… So I hope that you are reading and now listening as we launch our new podcast. Stay tuned for a launch date.