Chica at CELEBRANDO Austin September 2014

Victoria H. Sepulveda, is the Creative Director and lead writer on the Chica About Town blog.

Born in Brooklyn, New York; Chica grew up in Texas and has been in Austin, Texas since 1997. Fluent in English and Spanish, she embraces her Latino culture with gusto, a father from Puerto Rico and mother from Mexico makes for a spicy Latina opinion.

A Latina with flare and attitude giving her views on people, culture, places and events.  Chica brings a diversity that cannot be found anywhere else in today’s social environment.  At her side are partners who provide Chica with tips to keep her up to date and trendy, creating a style that keeps Chica looking and feeling stylish.  

Chica has traveled all over the world and enjoys meeting people from all walks of life. Chica has a passion for animal welfare and animal rescue organizations and is the proud mother of two wonderful dogs Mimi and Sophie. Catch Chica about town maybe even your town!

Chica brings a unique voice that has people asking “where’s Chica today?"

Have a question for Chica? Send me a message, I would love to hear from you!   

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